We have only one instructor at KPM; luckily she's a great one.

Kingfield Pilates and Movement is a wife-and-husband-owned enterprise, with all instruction provided by Colleen Ueland. Colleen has been using Pilates herself for more than 10 years, initially incorporating Pilates into her career as a dancer, before gaining her Balanced Body certification and working as a sought-after Pilates instructor for the past seven years.

When it comes to Pilates instruction, the teacher can make all the difference, and as anyone who has worked with Colleen can attest, she is one of those people who is a naturally gifted teacher. Colleen's Pilates instruction combines in-depth Pilates knowledge (including a knack for knowing the ways it can make a difference to your particular physical challenges and opportunities), with a fun, infectious, inspiring spirit that has a way of propelling clients to be their best.

It is a combination that has helped drive real change in health and wellbeing for many of Colleen's clients.